General Info


  • The student recital will be broken up into three or four recitals to maintain a reasonable show length. Some classes will have the opportunity to perform in more than one recital.
  • In December, parents will be given a Recital Permission Slip that gives CDC permission to order their child’s Recital Costume(s). Once the permission slip has been signed, payment for the costumes MUST be made even if your child decides NOT to participate in the recital.
  • The teachers of CDC will choose costumes for each class. Costs for the costumes will stay between the range of $55-$85 per costume. CDC will order Recital Tights needed for your child’s costume. The cost of the tights will be added to the Costume Cost.
  • Costume balances will be distributed by the beginning of January and will be due by February 1st. Students will not receive their Costumes if there is an outstanding balance on Tuition and/or Costume Fee has not been paid.
  • Music and Choreography will be chosen by the teachers and will be age appropriate.