• Can I watch my child during class?
    There are four (4) dance studios situated within our building. Two (2) of the four (4) dance spaces have viewing windows of which parents can stay and observe their child in class.
  • How Long are Your Recitals?
    CDC Maintains a show length of no longer than 2 1/2 hours to make it enjoyable for all who are in attendance. Because of limited show length, there are three (3) separate recitals.
  • What if my child wants to join Company?
    All Company students who are in the Beginner level through Advanced are eligible to audition in the beginning of June. Please refer to Company Information for requirements of each student within Company.
  • Does my child have to participate in Company?
    NO, dancers are placed according to their ability/level and therefore both Company and Non-Company dancers attend the same classes. Company Students have one weekly class that is separate.
  • Does my child have to participate in the Recital?
    No, in December your child can make a choice NOT to participate in the Recital.