Dance Techniques

  • Ballet: The ABC’s for any dancer. Students will develop grace, learn body placement, improve posture and build strength and coordination. We recommend taking ballet as it is a fundamental class to support all other dance styles. For advanced level dancers ballet is highly recommended, and required for advanced III, at least once a week.
  • Contemporary: A style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres like modern, jazz and ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements, versatility and improvisation. The teacher will focus on building strength, flexibility, musicality, style and technique.
  • Hip Hop: This is a high energy class where the teacher uses popular, and age appropriate, music to teach the latest dance moves from this 21st century dance technique. Your child will learn to count music and memorize choreography while getting an incredible workout!
  • Jazz: Jazz is a technique where students learn the basics of moving through the use of fun songs from pop, contemporary and Broadway styles. Jazz is a technique that is ballet based but is high energy and fast paced!! Jazz focuses on core strength, flexibility, technique, jumps and turns, isolations and weight changes while learning new steps and exciting new choreography!
  • Lyrical: This technique is defined as ballet to lyrics. Lyrical uses contemporary music and has more free movement than that of a ballet class. The teacher will focus on building strength, flexibility, musicality and technique. Your child will learn new routines and steps while exploring the emotion or mood of a song.
  • Modern: A dance style that centers on a dancer’s own interpretation, in addition to structured steps and exercises. This form of dance expresses complex emotions and abstract ideas in a more relaxed, freestyle of movement. Emphasis is placed on breath, skeletal alignment, joint articulation, ease of muscular tension and the use of gravity and momentum to facilitate movement.
  • Pointe: Pointe, part of classical ballet technique, is usually practiced using specially reinforced shoes called pointe shoes. Pointe shoes allow dancers to appear weightless and to dance on their toes for an extended period of time. A ballet class is required twice a week to take pointe.
  • Tap: Tap is a great way to exercise the body and the mind! Your child will learn to create rhythmic patterns with their feet. Tap focuses on beat, timing, rhythm and coordination.
  • Gymnastics/Tumbling: An acrobatic sporting discipline where various tumbling skills are learned like those seen in artistic gymnastics, performed on mats.
  • Yoga: Yoga Is the union between the mind, body and spirit. Through stretching and strengthening, yoga will help release stress and tension in the body as well as clear the mind.

Fall Class Schedule

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Summer Class Schedule 

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Summer Camps (Half Day)

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Dress Code

Class Leotard Color Tights/Bottoms Shoe Type/Color
Tiny Dancers I Pink w/skirt Pink Pink Ballet Shoes
Tiny Dancers II Pink w/skirt Pink Pink Ballet Shoes &
*Bloch Tan Tap
Junior Combo I Light Blue w/skirt Pink Pink Ballet &
*Bloch Tan Tap
Junior Combo II Lilac w/skirt & shorts for HH Pink Pink Ballet/*Bloch Tan Tap/Sneakers
Junior Combo III Black Pink Pink Ballet/*Bloch Tan Tap/Black Slip on Jazz Shoes
Ballet: Int. I – Adv. IV Black Pink Pink Ballet Shoes
Tap: Int. I /II Black Pink *Bloch Tan Tap Shoe
Tap: Int. III– Adv. III Black top & bottom No tights Bloch-Tie Lace Up Taps or
Capezio- “xtreme” lace up taps
Jazz: Int. I-III Black Pink Bloch Black “Slip-On”
Jazz: Int. IV- Adv. III Black leotard or sports bra and black bottom Bloch Black “Slip-On”
Contemporary & Lyrical: Int. I-III Black Pink Barefoot
Contemporary & Lyrical:
Int. IV-Adv. IV
Black leotard or sports bra and black bottom Barefoot
Modern: Int. IV-Adv. III Black leotard or sports bra and black bottom Barefoot
Tumbling/Acro: All Levels Any Color Any Color Barefoot
Hip Hop: All Levels Street Clothes No tights Sneakers

*Bloch Tan ‘Mary Jane’ Tap Shoes. Shoes should not have ‘bows’.